Have your own Virtual Scalable DotNetNuke IT Department
In today’s economy growing a small business can be tough. There’s always a gap between what you need and what you can afford. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners simply cannot afford to hire fulltime IT personnel and must find unique and innovative ways to get the job done. With the advent of remote support and cloud computing small businesses can now save money by eliminating costs associated with investing in computer hardware and the associated staff needed to maintain it.

Do you have websites & servers that need to be maintained?

Do you have occasional software development projects but can’t justify a fulltime IT staff?

Do you need guidance in your technical decisions by someone who is on your side; someone who is vested in seeing that you get the best deal vs. a salesman trying to sell you something you may not need?

In situations like this Keene Systems can serve as your Virtual IT Department. Keene Systems is the entire IT Department for several small companies. We have a scalable team that can scale up to meet your immediate demand for a tight deadline then scale back down for ongoing maintenance and support. We’re here only when you need us, no minimums or monthly commitment.

In these relationships there is typically a flurry of activity at the beginning of the project. Once the immediate problem has been solved the client may go silent for weeks or months. When a new issue or new project arises we put the same personnel back on your project who are already familiar with your project, server environment and unique situation.

Services we offer
  • Strategic Planning
  • DotNetNuke Installation and Configuration
  • Evaluation of 3rd party DotNetNuke Modules
  • Offsite Hosting / Cloud Services
  • Server Security
  • DotNetNuke Web Application Development
  • Database Design & Management
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Website Construction & Maintenance
  • Marketing / Branding / Graphic Design
  • DotNetNuke Skin Design
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Hardware Configuration & Deployment
  • Software Installations / Upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation
  • DotNetNuke Training

Acting as your virtual IT department, Keene Systems can tend to your DotNetNuke requirements while providing your business with the knowledge to take advantage of emerging technologies. This frees you up to spend more time working on growing your business.

Give us a call today to see how Keene Systems can get your business critical IT work done now without maintaining a staff. You can have your own team of experts today!

Client Comments
"Keene Systems developed a profitable eCommerce site and two powerful intranet applications for us. One was an editorial application for entering new books and updating the live site through a workflow-controlled process that included editor, publisher and author approvals. The second was for customer service, billing, and financial reporting and detailed activity monitoring. In all three cases, Keene Systems delivered outstanding turnkey systems that were flexible and open-ended."
David Wilcox, CEO
MeansBusiness Inc.

“Keene Systems enabled us to create an internal database-driven HR application that calculated employee bonuses and hid its complexity from our users. The UI was as simple to use as a spreadsheet.”
Nancy Spalding-Gray, IT Mgr.
State Street Research

“To help us create an internal patient record-keeping system, Keene Systems provided the responsive service we needed, delivering the completed project on schedule and on budget.”
Sharon Hershon, IT Manager
Partners Healthcare